Учащиеся 7 А, класса выполните задания по лексике и грамматике, ответы пришлите на мой e-mail: ne3181@yandex.ru

1. Choose the right answer: 

1).We ____ the weekend in the country last month.

a) spended      b) spend    c) spent

2). Last weekend I ___ to Moscow.

a) went    b) will go    c) go

3). Where will they ___ their weekend?

a) travel    b) spend    c) go

4). ___ British Museum is ___ biggest museum in ___ London.

a) __, the, the    b) the, the, ___     c) a, the, the

5). The scientist could not ___  his work for a long time.

a) spend    b) publish   c) learn

6). Where is John? He ___ his car.

a)  washed   b) washes  c) is washing

7). There is no vase on the table, ___?

a) isn't there  b) is there  c) isn't it

8). The children ___ in the garden are my friends.

a) played    b) playing  c) were playing

9). Yesterday I___  a very interesting story.

a) told   b) was told  c) was telling

10. When my sister came home, I ___ computer games.

a) was playing  b) played  c) play



Учащиеся 9 А класса выполните задания по грамматике:

 Put the verbs in brackets into the correct past tense.

1. A: Where 1)____ (you/buy) your car from?

B: Well, as you know, I 2)___  (look) for a car for two months. Then, one day, as I 3)____(talk) to my cousin, he 4)___ (mention) that one of his friends 5)___ (want) to sell his car bacause he 6)____ (need) the money. He 7)____ (have) the car for three years and it 8)____ (be) in excellent condition. The best thing about it was that it only 9)____(cost) me $3000.


2. A: Where 1)____(be) you yesterday afternoon? I 2)____ (call) you all afternoon but there 3)_____(be) no anser.

B: I 4) ____ (be) at home but you 5)____ (probably/ring) me when I 6)____(rake) the leaves outside in the garden. Why?

A: I 7)____ (finish) all my errands and I 8) _____(think) we could see a film.


Напишите личное письмо:

You have received a letter from your English-speaking friend John who writes:

...Last week my mom went to New York to help my aunt with her new baby. My Dad and I had to do all the housework ourselves. What kind of family chores do you normally have. If at all? What would you cook for yourself, if you had to? Do you think boys should be able to cook and to keep house, and why?

Write a letter to John.

In your letter answer his questions.

Write 100 - 120 words.

Remember the rules of letter writing.



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